Advanced TEFL Certificate Online in Pakistan

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*30 interactive hours with accredited instructors

Course Information


30 interactive hours with extra practice tasks


Online classes with accredited instructors


PKR 35,000

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Notting Hill College


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Advanced TEFL Certificate Online in Pakistan

Course Description

130-Hour Advanced TEFL programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the theories & methodologies of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The certificate thoroughly prepares individuals to successfully teach different age groups in different teaching settings. The course covers an extended syllabus, considerably longer than the industry standard of 100 hours. The training focuses on lesson planning & practical teaching skills which will equip novice teachers and inspire the experienced. This course is ideal for those who desire flexibility to gain a professional TEFL qualification.


  1. Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  2. Understanding English Grammar
  3. Teaching English Grammar
  4. Teaching English Vocabulary
  5. Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  6. Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
  7. Materials and Aids for Teaching English
  8. Teaching Pronunciation of English
  9. Lesson Planning for Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  10. Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners
  11. Using Resources Effectively When Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Learning Outcomes

  1. Become familiar with the various roles, duties and qualities of a teacher in the ELT industry.
  2. Develop an understanding of the various methods related to classroom management skills.
  3. Know how to plan and improve a student’s communicative ability.
  4. Gain a deeper language awareness.
  5. Understand how to develop appropriate resources and materials for young and adult learners.
  6. Learn how to evaluate course books and other teaching resources.
  7. Be able to approach teaching adults and teenagers appropriately.
  8. Develop an understanding of how to introduce strategies related to exploiting the 4 language skills to make teaching & learning more effective & enjoyable.

Career Prospects

Gaining an accredited TEFL qualification allows employers to see that you have the skills and competencies to effectively train students of all ages. Many people choose to gain a TEFL qualification in order to gain work experience when they are travelling around the world. There is also plenty of opportunity to teach online, meaning there are jobs to suit everyone’s lifestyle and desired work environments.

 Career paths include:

  1. Personal English tutor (online or in person)
  2. English teacher at an overseas school (private or state-run)
  3. English teacher at language school in an English-speaking country
  4. ESL school coordinators