English Phonetics & Phonology Diploma Online in Pakistan

Phonetics and Phonology Diploma

English Phonetics and Phonology Course Description

Phonetics and Phonology Diploma is a distinguished course focusing on basic analysis, of linguistic data.

The course which consist of 30 hours and 3 levels, aims to familiarize students with the online classes for phonetics and phonological systems, with the larger system of English language.

The study also focuses on the micro and the macro-level of English phonetics. It also introduces students acoustic phonetics and to general principles of phonological rules and representations.

By achieving the Advanced Certificate in Phonetics students will be able to do the following:

  1. Transcribe the sounds of English and other languages in phonetic notation.
  2. Develop ‘ear’ to discriminate key phonetic differences.
  3. Understand simple phonetic principles for articulation and speech perception.
  4. Describe the phonological features and methods of articulation for phoneme or phone.
  5. Provide basic linguistic descriptions and analysis for a language’s sound system, phonological alternations, syllable structures, and stress system.
  6. Begin to identify sounds and phenomena which are marked in world languages.

Phonetics and Phonology Diploma Coursework

  1. Sound
  2. Spelling and symbol
  3. The phoneme: the same but different
  4. Describing English consonants
  5. Defining distribution: consonants
  6. Allophones
  7. Criteria for contrast : the phoneme system
  8. Describing vowels
  9. Vowel phonemes
  10. Variations between accents
  11. Syllables
  12. The word and above

Certificate Course in Phonetics and Phonology Levels Are:

Level 1
Phonetics: Description and Transcription

Level 2
Phonology: Aspects of connected speech

Level 3
Conversation & Pragmatics: Real Dialog and Conversation

Educational Leadership & Management Diploma

Educational Leadership & Management - EMAS Global


The Educational Leadership & Management program is designed to help school-level administrators become visionary leaders and competent managers.

Educational Leadership and Management Diploma measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework level descriptors at Level 6 –23 Credits.

The Program is designed to help school-level administrators be both visionary leaders and competent managers. It addresses the needs of aspiring & practicing principals by providing the tools to build effective & efficient schools.

Diploma in Educational Leadership & Management Outline

The Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management endeavours to prepare its graduates for the many challenges facing school administrators. It aims to provide hands-on opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency and to practice leadership skills in their schools.


Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by

  1. Facilitating the development, articulation, implementation & stewardship of a school vision of learning supported by the school community

  2. Promoting a positive school culture, providing an effective instructional program, applying best practice to student learning & designing comprehensive professional growth plans for staff.

  3. Managing the organization, operations & resources in a way that promotes a safe efficient & effective learning environment.

  4. Collaborating with families & other community members, responding to diverse community interests & needs, and mobilizing community resources.

  5. Acting with integrity, fairly and in ethical manner.

  6. Understanding responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal & cultural context.
    The Diploma is Aligned with the Educational Leadership Consortium Council (ELCC) Standards.

Assessment & Grading

The Educational Leadership & Management Diploma is achieved by satisfactorily completing; 13 assignments and at least 2 presentations. Programme graduates are awarded one of the following grades.

  1. Grade C: Pass, have completed the course satisfactorily.
  2. Grade B: Pass with Credit, have shown that they are able to relate the theoretical issues studied.
  3. Grade A: Pass with Distinction, have demonstrated an ability to express original thinking.

EL&M Diploma Coursework

The Programme consists of four main parts…​

  1. Part 1: Schools & Principals: It focuses on the complex nature of schools, the principal roles & responsibilities, effective schools for all students…etc​
  2. Part 2: Leadership Expectations: It focuses on principal behavior & instructional leadership, organizing & evaluating instructional programs, building & maintaining relationships…etc​
  3. Part 3: Managerial Responsibilities: It focuses on managing material resources, managing human resources, managing pupil services, providing a safe school environment…etc​
  4. Part 4: Vital Aspects of practice: It focuses on problem solving & decision making, collaborative effort for school improvement, career planning…etc.

The diploma enables you to examine all spheres of education and training and makes you well positioned to select suitable opportunities from a broad array of options. Graduates often work within a school setting, or in a community or senior college setting. They may also administrate government programs, or work as curriculum coordinators for schools or community programs.

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Advanced TEFL Certificate Online in Pakistan

tefl online certification

Online TEFL Course Description

Our 130 Hour Advanced TEFL Certification Pakistan is comprehensive and thoroughly prepares you to enter one of the fastest growing professions. It gives you the essential knowledge of the English language and how to teach it. The course provides an extensive grounding in all the EFL required skills, methods, techniques & knowledge. This will not only enable novice teachers to take up their first post as an ESOL teacher, but will hone the skills of experienced teachers as well. This course is available in both distance learning and classroom-based formats.

Advanced TEFL Programme with Certification in Pakistan

The 130-Hour Advanced TEFL programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the theories & methodologies of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The certificate thoroughly prepares you to successfully teach different age groups in different teaching settings. The course covers an extended syllabus, considerably longer than the industry standard of 100 hours. The training focuses on lesson planning & practical teaching skills which will equip novice teachers and inspire the experienced. This course is ideal for those who desire flexibility to gain a professional TEFL qualification.

Receive Industry Leading Support

Notting Hill College College’s 130 Hour Advanced TEFL lesson plan covers an extended syllabus, considerably longer than the industry standard of 100 hours. The training focuses on lesson planning and practical teaching skills which will equip novice teachers and inspire experienced ones. This course is ideal for those who wish to gain a professional qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Advanced TEFL Diploma measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework level descriptors at Level 4 –13 Credits.

Whether you are a teacher in learning or boast a wealth of experience in the classroom, the advanced TEFL Course is perfect for those looking to further their career. Sign up for the course by speaking to Notting Hill College College on info@emas-global.com