Speak English Introductory Level

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PKR 25,000


30 interactive hours with extra practice tasks


Online classes with accredited instructors

speak english online course

Speak English Introductory Level

Speak English Online Course Description

At EMAS, we use the “communicative approach”, which is a learner focused teaching method. This means that we place strong emphasis on communication, interaction and language use in everyday situations.

The exercises utilize authentic, relevant topics and texts and a variety of communicative tasks such as problem solving, explaining, pair and group work, and role playing. This knowledge can be transferred to real situations you typically come across when you are travelling abroad or using the target language in other context.

Speak English Effectively – Learn to Speak English Online in Lahore for Students and Professionals

EMAS brings you a special Spoken English Course to equip you with speaking skills for a wide range of academic and professional situations.

No boring lessons on grammar and tenses!

Through fun activities, role play, performance and feedback, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to communicate effectively.

In this Introductory Speak in English course, you will learn how to:

  1. be a confident speaker
  2. demonstrate the speaking skills for group discussions and meetings
  3. have an effective telephonic conversation
  4. use functional expressions in different social situations
  5. expand your vocabulary range to use the right words for topics like shopping, geography, weather, community and working life
  6. talk about familiar matters such as personal and family information

This Pre-intermediate English Speaking Course is Suitable for:

  1. Pre-intermediate level students.
  2. Students preparing for Cambridge English Exams
  3. Students preparing for IELTS Life Skills, Academic and General speaking and listening

This course includes:

  1. Lots of engaging resources and exercises to practice your speaking and listening
  2. Review Tests to monitor your progress along the course
  3. 20 tutoring sessions with an internationally accredited and certified instructor
  4. A one-to-one online English speaking lessons
  5. Learn to speak English online classes in Pakistan with Certification