Speak English Advanced Level

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PKR 35,000


30 interactive hours with extra practice tasks


Online classes with accredited instructors

online spoken english course

Speak English Advanced Level

Online Spoken English Course Description

If you are an independent user of English Language and wish to increase your communicative efficacy by speaking more fluently without fear of public, the EMASS Speak English Advanced level programme is for you!

You will be able to increase your fluency, solidify your accuracy in English language, design and deliver effective presentations. You will be able to avoid confusion in a message caused by incorrect vocabulary, faulty pronunciation and inappropriate sentence structure. Through the programme, you will be able to confirm your own understanding in a given context, apply social and cultural rules while speaking, improve your confidence for public speaking and will be able to enhance your sociolinguistic competence.

Our main focus will be on:

  1. Improving speaking ability in English both in terms of fluency and comprehensibility.
  2. Expressing ideas fluently, accurately, and appropriately.
  3. Comprehending and responding appropriately to contextual situations.
  4. Expressing opinions and supporting them with examples and facts.
  5. Developing presentation and public speaking skills.

This course is suitable for:

  1. Learners who wish to improve upon their presentation skills.
  2. Students and professionals preparing for IELTS, PET or life skills.
  3. Public Speakers.
  4. Professionals who wish to enhance their spoken expression.

The programme aims to:

  1. Foster the analytical, critical and creative skills of our language learners so that it is an enriching experience for them.
  2. Involve learners in various communicative activities supported by the use of authentic materials such as newspapers, reports, short films and literary texts.
  3. Follow the communicative approach and will focus on the three modes of communication: interpersonal, presentational, and interpretative.

Course Includes:

  1. 20 sessions, 90 minutes long, thrice a week
  2. Pre, Mid and Post evaluation to gauge progress
  3. Authentic content chosen carefully considering the interest and capability of the participants